Review – Our first hotel break with Novotel

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It felt quite weird to write that title. Here we are, five years into being ‘the Brazier family’ and we’ve never actually stayed in a hotel together.

Sure, we’ve had annual holidays where we’ve stayed in caravans, lodges and chalets, but we’ve never actually bundled together in a hotel room before.  This has been for one very good reason.

I was terrified of the prospect.   Continue Reading

A bedroom refresh

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Our house is beige.

It’s not awful. When we moved in, it had been newly decorated and actually looks great. But, there’s nothing remarkable about it. It’s doesn’t reflect our (read – my.  The husboy has zero opinion) taste, and therefore just feels likes a place we just pile our lives into.

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Strawberries, Sundays and sisters

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In a bid to stop Alice from eating every last strawberry in our garden, we picked up our baskets and spent the morning at Manor Farm Fruits in Tamworth, where we spent a small fortune on fruit with thumbholes in.

This year, we’ve been making a real effort to show the girls where their food comes from and how much care goes into what’s put on their plates. As a result, we’ve been growing a whole range of fruit and veg in the garden, which the girls have been tending to (read – Isla has been weeding and watering, Alice has been picking and eating).  So far it’s been going well. Isla talks excitedly of making pasta sauce with her tomatoes and courgettes and Alice has been eating peas straight of of the pod. Our strawberry plants however, are always naked and we needed to restock. Continue Reading